We provide a 3 day/2 night all expenses paid, fully guided hunting experience.  All licensing, food, and lodging is included.  This also includes a non hunting guest at NO EXTRA CHARGE!  We will also provide you with a rifle to use, while here, if that is needed.  This is a 100% guaranteed opportunity to kill a monster buck.  When your guide presents you with the opportunity to shoot, SHOOT!  If you should decide to pass up that opportunity for the potential to shoot something else, that will be your decision. You will, however, be responsible to pay for your hunt if you do not get another opportunity.  DO NOT WORRY!  There has been a 100% success rate thus far.


 $8,000 for any deer above 185” gross score.  This is  ANY SIZE ABOVE 185” that is deemed a trophy class deer.  If you shoot a 230” deer, it is $8,000.  If you shoot a 330” deer, it is $8,000!  There have been several killed over 300”.  In fact, the average has been around 230”.  Most places charge some kind of trophy fee or use a graded price plan for different size deer. NOT 2 Grunts and a Buck!  Imagine how hard it is when that monster buck appears and your guide has to make a quick decision as to how many inches that buck is, and you are having to decide whether you want to pay several thousand more dollars for that buck of your dreams.  We feel that everyone is happy if you get to kill any deer that you see and not have to worry about how much extra it will cost. THERE IS NO EXTRA!


We will also have a limited number of management hunts every year to keep our herd in check.  The price for those hunts will be $4,500.  This will include everything you get with the trophy hunt, except the deer will be considered a management deer for us and we just want to remove it from the herd.  These deer could range anywhere from 165” to well over 200”. One management deer last year was around 230”.

We do require a $2,000 deposit for a trophy hunt or a $750 deposit for a management hunt.  This would be in some form of certified funds such as cash, check or credit card. This is non-refundable should you decide to not come to our facilities.  We can only accept a limited number of hunters at a time and must reserve that time accordingly.  (see calendar for available dates in the booking section)

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